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Carrying Canoes To The Most Unlikely Places On Earth

Donate To Support Mental Health Organizations Around The World.

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The Weight We Carry is about fundraising on a GLOBAL level

With your help, we plan to support mental health organizations across the globe while enduring some of the most EXTREME landscapes on earth. With a FOCUS on the people and places affected by natural disasters, TOGETHER we strive to carry mental health fundraising to new and uncharted heights.

The Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp

TWWC Mount Everest Trek The Nepal Expedition  Follow us live

The Weight We Carry was founded by CANADIAN BROTHERS Kyle Roberts and Tom Schellenberg in January 2017.

Through project-based initiatives, we provide members of the public with an opportunity to donate directly to fund positive change in communities around the world.

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Check out the video from Tom and Kyle’s first journey to Mount Everest Base Camp on foot

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Get involved and sponsor us today in our mission to be the first people ever to climb to Mt EVEREST BASE CAMP with nothing but the canoes on our backs.

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